Saturday afternoon and the weather is like this. Cannot get any better! (Who am I kidding, I am a typical Estonian and there’s always something to complain about: WHERE’s THE SUN)

Why I walk you may ask, I give you a couple decent reasons.
I walk to burn calories and to move my body. It is the cheapest form of exercise. No need for a gym membership, no need for work-out clothes. Walking is doable in any clothing.
I walk to energize and inspire myself. I have discovered that a lot of good ideas happen throughout my walk. Luckily I have my phone with me, so I can take some notes.
I walk, so that I could see people and say “Tere”/”Hello” to them and it’s a fun experiment actually. I found that 3 out of 5 will say “Tere”/”Hello” back to me and they smile afterwards. That makes my day and gives me an opportunity to make their day brighter. (My own small way to change the world and give some positivity to it). OR maybe they’re just thinking who the f* am I.
I walk to be alone. Don’t get me wrong here, I like people and communicating. But sometimes I need some alone time. Just me, myself and I.
I walk to take pictures and share some of them.
I walk so that I would have an excuse to put headphones on and listen to that freakin’ good song I found yesterday.
I walk to go to the Famous chocolate store in Estonia. KALEV. And buy myself  a chocolate bar, cause I deserve it. OH. Since it’s Valentine’s day month, they let you do a discount card for FREE. If you want to get 5% OFF from every purchase, go buy some chocolate THIS MONTH šŸ™‚
I walk to get a compliment by Fitbit: GOOD JOB you accomplished your goal for the day.
img_6818I walk every day.

I am curious to know why do You walk? What inspires you to get out of your warm home? Kindly leave a comment below šŸ˜‰

Walk DONE, Chocolate half-way Done. Until the next What to Do’s

                             GO WALK !

2 thoughts on “Walk”

  1. Haha, so same. You make at least two people a day thinking “do i know her?” šŸ˜‚
    But thats good, let them be confused…
    It’s really intresting to read the reasons why people go to walk and i have to say, quite same. Big motivation for me to got my butt off the couch ang go for a walk is to breathe fresh air, discover the beauty of nature and get that daily energy dose.
    And you already have motivated me to walk more every day.
    Walking is the cheapest medicine!

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