Be Crazy


That’s what you’re telling me?
That’s all you got?

To be honest: YES. We’ll it’s not all, but it’s important.

Don’t be afraid of being crazy. You learn by doing, some things we do are crazy (or even stupid), but if we learn/get a lesson while doing it, then they’re GOOD crazy.
(Me quitting a job in Los Angeles and moving to Estonia. GOOD crazy. How do I know? I am happier here. Simple as that)
One good way I have discovered is that when I am confident in my doings (even if they’re crazy/stupid) and I get feedback like “This is so stupid”. Well, do I care? No. Why, you may ask?
Because I already know that it was stupid. I am comfortable with that 🙂

I believe that my heart desires of doing stupid things, it makes me feel free, it makes me happy. And if I can make others happy/smile doing my crazy things. Then IT’S A DAY WELL SPENT.

I appreciate people for their honesty and individuality. I get comfortable with people who are a little stupid/crazy, just like myself. I like those kind of people, because they are not afraid of being silly, being their-selves.  If you are like this, I LIKE YOU.


So I encourage you to find your own kind of crazy to enjoy this Valentine’s day with. (Or just make them go crazy 😀 )

Here you go. Here’s me with a mustache. A solid example of me being silly/crazy.

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How would you evaluate this topic? Do you feel free of doing a little crazy things around others? (I am pretty sure we all do some crazy things when we’re alone)
Share some craziness with me 😉