Love Coffee and Be Present

I believe everyone who knows me also know that I am always down for a cup of coffee. It’s about time to tell you why am I so obsessed with it. Do I just love the taste of the coffee so much or am I just addicted to it. Well, maybe it’s both ?!?
There are different kind of coffee drinkers:

  • the ones who grab it from Starbucks/Coffee-In/R-Kiosk/The Coffee Bean
  • the ones who go sit down in a coffee shop
  • the ones who take it with them in the morning while in a hurry
  • the ones who drink it at work just to keep they’re eyes open
  • the ones who absolutely need it as a motivation to get out of the bed

Should there be only one option? Absolutely not, I am all of those!
But for me, it is something more than just a drink. It is something that will allow me to sit down and just enjoy being in the moment, to be present. Even if I grab a coffee from Starbucks, I will go find a quiet corner to be on my own. Plus, coffee has all those extra values, like: caffeine, to keep me awake and a good taste.
Drinking coffee is like a ritual I have created for myself, I look forward to it every single day. I enjoy drinking my coffee from a mug/pretty cup, the prettier the mug/cup, the better the taste and the valuable the moment is.( another way to think about this is if you’d rather drink your wine out of a glass or straight from the bottle) Drinking coffee from a mug/pretty cup allows to enjoy it more and create a zen moment for myself.
I feel like in those busy days we all have, we forget to breathe, to feel ourselves being present and do a little evaluation check, where am I/why am I here/What to Do.

There’s a guy in this coffee shop sitting at a table, not on his phone, not on a laptop, just drinking coffee, like a psychopath.

— Jason Gay (@jasongay) September 22, 2015

Drinking coffee is the cheapest therapy for me. Paying a few euros/dollars every day is totally worth it. This is my experience about slowing down my day, my year, my life. Writing down my values, what I appreciate, what I have scheduled; or just stare at this cat (down below) my lovely co-worker drew for me 🙂

Rushing the things we love isn’t making us any happier. Maybe instead of trying to handle everything, we should take the small steps every day to enjoy the ride this life has to offer.

What do you do when you feel rushed? How do you deal with the world that gets faster and faster every day?